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"Soy un bicho de la tierra como cualquier ser humano, con cualidades y defectos, con errores y aciertos, -déjenme quedarme así- con mi memoria, ahora que yo soy. No quiero olvidar nada."

José Saramago

sábado, 21 de abril de 2012


The army of nobodies

They’ve encroach the grass of the neighbor’s territory
I was not the neighbor that sowed saplings of Sycamore tree
My pomegranate garden
Unfolded leafs and showed luxurious fertility
And brought the Balm of Gilead
Straight from Parsifal right in the center of the orchard
A huge shadow ficus religiosa
You may circle around
Exactly one thousand years in a row
But they will not allow you to enlighten
Amidst them I was crowded
Absorbing consciously
The odor of their emptiness
Yet I shall recite again the 99th Psalm of Celestial Intelligencer

Pity myself
Scars on my face
Each time I forgot to mention God’s name by every breathe taking
Conscious process
I may sing Joy
Oh pity nobodies yet you are unable to feel what you possessed in your veins
In vain I may call freedom
To establish its conquest but you are the pity ones that swallowed
All your dreams and hopes


There’s only a dew of elixir in the bottom of the empty cup sleeping as lamb
Now they call it heart, I call it polluted spirit, and you may call it ruby pomegranate granules
But we the simplest so called human entities jointly may only Love and this is sufficient
To suffer for the thousand years and a day more

The one who cares not is the luckiest mundane ignorant but I’m the one alike who outpours his quintessential not knowing for whom
Not knowing for what reason a purpose never show its glamour in advance
For warning, for love or even for sake of its purest manifestation

In times when words were queued in the thread abundantly curved in bobbin from the human scalp
The necklace of verse is fading its shine no sparkling truths gurgles from its spring to obey our thirsts
We the thirsty souls for divine morsel wandering in here as the spirits of suicide victims
Empty stomachs of enfant terrible only for the grasp of the truth they never hear even as the sound of insect
Never as the sound of falling frozen spirit in jade that you may later see as the Galatea of divine maternal essence
A cornucopia of latent blessings waits
A deficit of Love outbursts proudly displaying its genitalia without a drop of shame
I wander as a working bee searching for the nectar of wisdom to feed my Queen bee
And bestow her eternal life with the royal jelly leaking elegantly from the bottom to the navel


Charged circle


Empty cans
No liquid evaporated
In the air full of pride
Polluted grains of soul
Lost their consistency
Pure fluids of light
Erupts as marshmallow bombs
Death squad penetrates deeply
Aiming to meet Anubis
A Tsunami whirled its wish
Passion and glutton declared independence
The dream of becoming a parallel nation
To co-habit with leukemia of creativity
A sex drive 4x4 retired
A crippled veteran of passion
Bags for the mercy of soulless utilitarian army of human entity
Better said plankton a homo-plankton of miserable creatures
Even worms and larva are disgusted by our hatred
Fecal, a skunk of fear
An eclipse of love that spans for ages
From birth to death
A spectrum displays its ripeness 
Ejaculates liberty as blast
A dazzling dance of shaped and amoeboid forms of manifestation
Bitter the honey with suffer
Powder a chamomile with royal jelly and ginseng
All of sudden a wind blows
Spores of the old pines


The soul of parallel nation of Angeloid
Is striving pleasure of life?
Lives now
Perpetually woofs a rainbow muslin with the divine light
Inter-woofed dress
Newborn immaculate fellows
Oh those smell of paradise
Mint, Neroli, Oakmoss, Amber
A bouquet of divine pleasure
And Acacia kissed by a queen bee
Yes the queen of Enneagram
Of course
The work produces sweet essences
Oh Sarmouni of our Millennia
Melt the cataract-ic lance so they may see the beauty
Heal the flu so they may smell fresh ozone
A charged circle of light and love
Remove the pulp from the reed
So may divine tune perform light?
May be your torchbearer
In the dark valley and by then you may see a spectrum
That encircles an infant fear
For an eternal life
Yet I kiss that that time sequence
Where Jin and Jang harmoniously co-habit
I a Feng Shui of Love
Defragmenter of hate’s files
Zipper of dark matrixes
So you may know they do exists
So you try them in order to enjoy the sweetness of life’s honey
In this porcelain valley
Where goodness and mischief
Hand in hand are gliding furiously
Alas pure the morning with dew of love
Oxidize hate with apple vinegar
Sing to celebrate both solstices and have a cup of vine
That swoon you
That filters all starry
Cells of brain and ganglia
Perfume her navel with rosewater and kiss, kiss, kiss
Do a divine Tantra
With all visible and invisible and semi-visible spirits
Kiss topaz of her eyes
Kiss ruby of her heart
Kiss diamond of her nail
Kiss cooper of her feet ankle
Kiss jade of her bones
Kiss sapphire of her cells
And a flame-y waterfall of hair
And a silky pubic…
Oh…kiss and kiss and kiss whatever belongs to her
Make her a necklace
With your purest and noblest spermatozoids
Then call her as you wish
Wisdom, Hikkmah[1], Sophia[2]
Or simply Goddess that makes you Angeloid.

 Sweet little Roma

I crossed the stone bridge and listened the gurgle of white river’s water beneath
And the Church staying proudly next to the Mosque as mirror to see her beauty
The fountain of drinking water from the top of the cold hills flowing benevolently
Surrounded by the buzzing manlike creatures unaware of the burden they carry
A approached a different mendicant than my eyes use to capture as camera obscura
The boy was drinking Coke and happily smiling to the crowd yet in his eyes
The azure blue formed a net for the lovers, human and celestial beings alike
As spider waiting for the victim that would proudly kiss the star in his forehead 
The day was happy to find me there slightly confused by the spring’s breeze
I was happy to be there and embrace the Coke drinking boy sweet as all boys in the world
The angels that warns us to Love unbiased


Questions of Angeloid

Am I plain stone?
To be thrown far from the eyesight

Am I skin of the tiger
To be stepped by soulless merchant

Am I blood soaked by relative fellow?

Am I a lost tribe’s leader?
To be adored as saint

Am I lost prophet?
To be searched in caves where the Jinni settled his colony

Am I a Jurassic fossil?
To be displayed in a crystal cube

Am I a jasmine essence?
To be smelled after third millennium

Am I lost planet
The curse of mankind

Am I paradigm of goodness?
To be diminished by surrenderance

Am I perfect mischief?
To be hailed as a Gospel chant

Am I wing of purple angel
To bring you shade
While you search for knowledge

Am I supersensible tune?
To be played by enlightened heartstring

Am I aerial spirit?
To bring you storm
In a midday when the sun
Reads its quatrain

Am I a cosmic fluid?
To be dispersed as a star dust

Am I divine enough?
To rejoice for a cosmic harmony

Am I the bell from the angel’s wings?
To bell the beginning of a new prophecy

Am I a saint that shows hardly his miracle?
To be later adored as Godling

Am I pure water from the desert’s spring?
To be drunk on the moment of death

Am I death of Art?
To be reborn by Theurgy

Am I a drunken lover in Love?
To be perished in the quantum of photon

Am I stupid to reveal a new discovery?
So you may pity or
You may salute and laude
And so, and so, and so on.


You kiss me and stamp my existence
I kiss you and melt in God’s essence

The granular spittle that remains in my throat
A long day between winter and spring
My state known only by friends few of them
My Love felt by every creature
The bastards that sprinkles with their hatred
And those that converts their names and faith
This suffocating visible plurality of creatures and bizarre manifestations
My spiritual nervation has strengthened
Soul cells are dancing the muttered nation’s dance called Love
Those who make sex in the air as flies’ foals hatred babies
Can you kill babies is our question
We the invisible plurality of divine creatures and manifestations
We the perpetual Theophany coruscate in pure hearts
As Sun in the dews of mornings full of vetyver, ambergris, limonene, fragrance and a slight skunk of civet, moschus and the sweat men by labor exhausted
We speak we sing we paint
With the act without exhaling a syllable from our holly mouths
We sprinkle with the aureate dust
Straight we look at Saturn ring color eyes and the color of peacock tale feather
We built a cube temple and play chess in cube
We love the terrain where the guests of Moses and Lot before him had passed through
We sing with Seraph of high realms we sing in sync
Here we bring joy in hearts of those who encroached in procession through emerald macadam
Where you seldom pass
We know by heart the Al Jaffr and ten Sefirots and we read the Liber Razielis
We accompanied Adam Kadmon in his solitude prior to separation and embodiment in terrain that will be bloodied by human through centuries
We have said to John to go in the river Jordan baptize the Christ and lead him on
For those who knows a little
We said to Waraka to prepare Muhammad to become the leader of those who seek the truth
We said to Bahaullah to explain men to take after women and the mother Earth
Otherwise in upcoming millennium the solely food of them shall be kernels and water
We said to Gibran commence the Theurgy for upcoming millennium being as solely artistic repose for creative men
We said to Fahredin write as much as possible and hush as a canyon stone
Until he finds his echo point

 The Loom

Yet you are my dew in the petal of eternity

You’ve got few strings of mine
With their painted threads
You’ve set up the net
In your loom
For the tapestry of your last gammon

You are happy in this delusion
You enjoy your pace of life
While you believe
Others are blind

I’m not that bad to salute your illusion
Even in the moments when you think
You are the Queen of the city
That cocked the last blood supper
For the Peninsula of hatred.

Wake up three times I evoke
Don’t let the abyss swallows
All your dreams and hopes
So the Divine may abandon you.


Pourtant, tu es ma rosée dans le pétale de l'éternité

Tu as quelques cordes de moi
Avec leurs fils peints.
Tu as installé la trame
Sur ton métier
Pour tisser la tapisserie de ta dernière fantaisie.

Tu es heureuse dans cette tromperie,
Tu jouis de ta façon de vivre,

Convaincue que les autres
Restent aveugles.

Je ne suis pas si mauvais pour saluer ta tromperie,
Même dans les moments où tu penses
Que tu es la reine de la ville
Qui as mijoté le dernier souper sanglant
Pour la péninsule de la haine.

Réveille-toi trois fois, comme je te le dis, 
Ne laisse pas les abysses engloutir
Tous tes rêves et tes espoirs
Au point que le Divin lui-même t’abandonne.

Translated into French by Academic Athanase Vantchev de Thracy, Paris

The zircon goblet

Flame was the name of my obsession
Flame, the blue,
Flame of love

Flame became purple of my compassion
Flame the green
Flame of spirit

Flame was sparkling, my impression
Flame of eternity
Flame transparent glow

The goblet became full
The blood turned life

The Calla was my move
The Lilly of heaven

The mist unfurled heavy
The dust turned cloud

The jewel remained beneath is precious
The soul you keep turned LOVE

We. Drink. In. Tribute. I. Die. Surely. But. Slowly.
We. Feel. In. Unison. She. Embraces. Me. Motherly.
Alas. Tonight. I’m. Drunk. Of. Love.
The. Zircon. Goblet. Outpoured. Blood.
The. One. That. Transforms. In. Life. For. Ages.
The. One. Lives. For. A. Day. And. Eternity. More.  


The sorbet of the Divine
for those I met

Arbor had fear,
From a passing stranger
I fed the canary while
They sung in unison
Scared they flew away
A stranger approached me
I was about to faint
The crimson ground
Made tectonic sliding
We feared death

She lives in a distance
Yet she lives with my
Breath and the soul
Radiates in her ether
She remembers the Lilly
I brought from the garden
Of certitude, and
The roses in a blasting white

I bestow as a final touch
Where freedom smells Love
The two-sided medal
Has the love pentacle
At the abyss of the surface
I taught on Kernel of the Kernel

She prayed in the biggest Temple
In synergy with the rolling through
My burning cheek, fried
Crystal tear in nacre transformed
I evoked Salamanders
To extinguish the fire
With the fire

The crystalline cup
Of the wine, Divine to obey
My thirst

The wisdom approached in
An old fashion

The knowledge bangs
The manifestation of freedom.

The Love eternal Lady
Wowed the platinum thread
An oracle tapestry
She made
I sat there…
I felt there…
I saw there.

Those I met in
The realm of the hanged forms
I saw her dark sapphire eyes
That kept the beauty Secret
The body that sticks
All fallen stars and
The heart of her
That is a sarcophagus of
The secrets; of the chosen

Her voice is the symphony
Of the golden leaf wheat
And the hush of a Sybil
The argument written in
a forehead
Bears testimony

What the holy womb bears
The witnesses are
Two lights
The Angel of the left and the angel
Of the right shoulder

She recognizes the seal of
A prodigy’s scalp,
And double up and down turned
In my Plexus

She is not Mary
She is not Amina
She is not Bathsheba

She is in a circle of curiosity
I’m in the square of stability
Who cares for the mouth?
Of the Cantankerous

The conundrum is set Mandala
The white rose of my being
Bleeds the blue
Because I Love eternally
As a Luna full
Careless of the barking

For a quantum of a moment
I disperse in those I met
They hardly recognize
The quintessence of the “I”
They only remember
The smell of the rose

Even this is for me
A Sufficient Something

I may only rest and
Breath as infant
Marked with the seal
In his forehead


Il sorbetto della Divinità

per coloro che ho incontrato

Arbor aveva paura,
Da uno sconosciuto di passaggio
Ho dato da mangiare al canarino mentre
Cantavano all'unisono
Spaventati volarono via
Uno sconosciuto mi si avvicinò
Stavo per svenire
Il terreno cremisi
Fece slittamenti tettonici
Noi abbiamo avuto paura di morire

Essa vive lontano
Eppure lei vive col mio
Respiro e la mia anima
Si irradia nel suo spirito
Essa ricorda il giglio
Che ho portato dal giardino
Della certezza, e
Le rose di un bianco brillante

I mi do come tocco finale
Dove la libertà odora di Amore
La medaglia a due facce
Ha il pentacolo di amore
Nell’ abisso della superficie
Ho insegnato sul Kernel del Kernel

Ella ha pregato nel tempio più grande
In sinergia con il suo rotolarsi
La mia guancia ardente, ha fritto
Lacrime di cristallo trasformate in madreperla
Ho evocato Salamandre
Per spegnere il fuoco
Con il fuoco

La coppa cristallina
Del vino, Divina ad obbedire
Alla mia sete

La saggezza si è avvicinata in
Un vecchio stile

La conoscenza urta
La manifestazione di libertà.

L 'amore eterna Signora
Ha entusiasmato il filo di platino
Un arazzo di oracolo
Ha fatto
Si è seduta là ...
L’ho percepita là ...
Ho visto là.

Coloro che ho incontrato nel
Regno delle forme appese
Ho visto i suoi occhi di zaffiro scuro
Che tenevano la bellezza Segreta
Il corpo che si attacca
Tutte le stelle cadute e
Il cuore di lei
che è un sarcofago dei
Segreti, degli eletti

La sua voce è la sinfonia
Del grano dorato a foglia
E il silenzio di una Sibilla
L'argomento scritto in
Una fronte
Ne porta la testimonianza

Ciò che il santo grembo porta
I testimoni sono
Due luci
L'Angelo della sinistra e l'angelo
Della spalla destra

Lei riconosce il sigillo del
Scalpo di un prodigio,
E doppiamente su e giù capovolti
Nel mio plesso

Lei non è Maria
Lei non è Amina
Lei non è Betsabea

Lei è in un cerchio di curiosità
Sono il quadrato della stabilità
Chi si preoccupa della bocca?
Dell’ irascibile

L'enigma è impostato Mandala
La rosa bianca del mio essere
Sanguina l'azzurro
Perché Amo eternamente
Come un pieno di Luna
Incurante dei latrati

Per un quanto di un momento
Io disperdo in coloro che ho incontrato
Essi riconoscono a malapena
La quintessenza dell’ "io"
Essi si limitano a ricordare
Il profumo della rosa

Anche questo è per me
Un qualcosa che è sufficiente

Posso solo riposare e
Respirare come un bambino
Segnato con il sigillo
Sulla sua fronte

Translated by Peppino Riso

Le mie piogge e i miei venti 

(Traduzione di Mario Rigli)

Ventosa polvere di stelle

Auguri completamente dispersi

Tu aspetti

Il sacrificio del piccione;

bianco come neon

Lei vola sopra la nostra testa

Costruisce il nido

Per la progenie della Libertà

Ti bacio nel punto

Dove la stella ha sigillato

La pelle avvolta

Per vedere l'invisibile

Il tuo vestito

Un abito pesante

Broccato in oro e platino

Mussola intrecciata con damasco


Sprigiona profumo di Oud (1)

E infonde una calda brezza orientale

Nel mio corpo occidentale

Vittima della Croce

Qualcuno vuole

Che prevalga la pace nel nostro regno

Qualcuno vuole leggere i miei scritti

Proprio come essi desiderano leggerli

Un qualcosa che vola con leggerezza

Terre davanti alle spiagge

Noi divertiti e sconcertati

Nel sopportare i passati esteriori


Silenziosi come una pietra

Eretta nella Terra di mezzo

Ogni tipo di spezie e di specie

Anche anche di pezzi e di fette (2)

Originali e mescolati

Parola per parola

Con infinita gratitudine

Calici di ambrosia

Beviamo in nome del Supremo

Stasera piogge e venti si sono calmati.

1.       L'Oud è uno strumento a corde orientale. Una leggenda araba attribuisce all'oud una storia illustre, che risale alla notte dei tempi, attribuendone l'invenzione a Lamak, nipote di Adamo ed Eva. Secondo gli storici musicali, progenitori dell'oud risalgono all'antico Egitto.
2.      Questi due versi: “All kinds of spices and species/Even slices and pieces” per la rima ed il gioco di parole sono di difficile resa in italiano.

 My rains and winds

Stardust winded
Wishes dispersed throughout
You wait
The sacrificing pigeon;
as white as neon

She flies over our head
Builds the nest
For the progeny of Liberty

I kiss you in the spot
Where the star sealed
The enveloped skin
To see the unseen

Your dress
A heavy couture
All brocade, gold and platinum
Twisted muslin with the damask
All over

Releasing the smell of Oud
To bring hot Oriental breeze
In my Occidental body
A victim for the Cross
Somebody wants to
Peace prevail in our realm
Somebody wants to read my writing
Jus as they wish to read

A flying something lightly
Lands in the front of the shores
We by stand the external bygones
Amused and bewildered
We are
Silent as stone
Erected in the midland

All kinds of spices and species
Even slices and pieces
Verbatim’ and Originals

Never-ending gratitude
Goblets of Ambrose
We drink in the name of the Supreme
Tonight rains and winds ceased

1.      The Oud is an Eastern stringed instrument. An Arab legendattaches all'oud an illustrious history, dating back to ancient times,attributing the invention to Lamak, grandson of Adam and Eve. According to historians, music, oud ancestors date back to ancient Egypt.
2. These two verses: "All  kinds of spices and species / Even slices and pieces" for the rhyme and wordplay are difficult given in Italian

Il poeta Fahredin Shehu stesso definisce il suo modo di comporre “noetico”. La Noetica è quella psudo scienza filosofica che studia le correlazioni dell'universo della mente (coscienza, anima, spirito)e ha come oggetto di ricerca il cosiddetto "sesto senso" e un diverso rapporto al conscio.Se si guarda l'etimologia della parola Noetica potrebbe stare anche nel senso “di Noè”, e siccome è risaputo che il grande personaggio biblico faceva uso, a volte non moderato, di vino, poesia noetica potrebbe significare anche poesia sotto i fumi dell'ebbrezza. A parte la battuta io credo che la poesia di Fahredin, più che alla Noetica si rifaccia al filone letterario e poetico del “Nonsense” cioè espressione (parola, frase o altro) che appare priva di significato. La letteratura del nonsenso, sia poesia che prosa, si basa sull'equilibrio tra ordine e caos, tra senso compiuto e non. Spesso presenta un mondo capovolto o alterato. Presenta frequentemente, ma non sempre, una matrice umoristica, ma non è il caso di Fahredin. La correttezza formale è spesso bilanciata da un caos semantico o dai doppi significati. Secondo Wim Tigges l'effetto del nonsensi è spesso ottenuto per eccesso di significati, e non per assenza. Per intenderci un esempio di Nonsense è la canzone “Cuccurucù paloma” di Battiato, ma anche e soprattutto Il linguaggio onirico di James Joyce nella novella Finnegans Wake e in certi passaggi di Dubliners e dell'Ulisse. Ma anche Edward Lear (1812-1888) e Lewis Carroll (1832-1898), John Lennon, Frank Zappa, Rino Gaetano e ancora giù giù Nino Frassica o la celebre “Supercazzola con scappellamento a destra come fosse Antani” degli Amici miei di Monicelli.


Fahredin Shehu born in Rahovec, South East of Kosova, in 1972. graduated at Prishtina University, Oriental Studies. M.A. in Literature. PhD in Sacral Estethics- ongoing. Actively works on Calligraphy discovering new mediums and techniques for this specific for of plastic art.

Published books:
  • NUN- collection of  mystical poems, 1996 author’s edition,
  • INVISIBLE PLURALITY- Poetical prose, 2000, author’s edition
  • NEKTARINA- Novel, Transcendental Epic, 2004, publishing House, Rozafa Prishtinë- project of Ministry of Culture Sport and Youth of Kosova
  • ELEMENTAL 99- Short poetical mystical stories, 2006, Center for positive thinking, Prishinë
  • KUN- collection of transcendental lyrics, 2007, Publishing House LOGOS-A, Skopje, Macedonia.

Issues on papers and magazines:
The Book of Poetry E-Book in Ronin press, London, UK
The book of Poetry in Nadwah Press, Hong Kong
Poetry on Magazine of Center for Humanistic studies GANI BOBI, Prishtinë
Essays on Journal “Oriental Studies”, Kosova Orientalist’s Association.
Poetry in Magazine STAV- Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Poetry in Magazine ZIVOT- Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Poetry in Magazine ULAZNICA- Zrenjanin, Vojvodina
Poetry in Magazine URRA- Tirana, Albania
Poetry in Magazine POETA- Belgrade, Serbia
Poetry in Magazine, ISTANBUL LITERARY REVIEW, Istanbul, Turkey
Poetry in Magazine, MOBIUS MAGAZINE, New York, USA
Poetry in Magazine OBELISK, Tirana, Albania
THE WORLD POETS QUARTERLY (multilingual) VOLUME No. 58, Bei Jing, China
Poetry at Sarajevske Sveske 2010, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Poetry in Balkan writers, Belgrade, Serbia
Poetry at Poetas del Mundo, Santiaogo de Chile
Poetry at Mediterranean, Gotteborg, Sweden
Poetry at Aquillrelle, Brussels, Belgium
Poetry at Poem hunter, USA
Poetry at World Poets Society, Athens, Greece
Poetry at Albpoem, Albania
Poetry at Soylesi Poetry Magazine, Istanbul, Turkey
Poetry at revista ura, Tirana, Albania
Poetry at Uzina Marta, Brasil
Poetry Romanian version Orientul Meu, Bucharest, Romania
Poetry at Agonia , Bucharest, Romania
Poetry and profile at Carty’s Poetry Journal, Dublin, Ireland
Poetry at Middle East Online, London
Poetry in English on The Sound of Poetry Review, Argentina
Poetry at Le post, Paris, France
Poetry at Aube, Paris, France
Poetry at 24 heures, Geneve, Zwitzerland
Poetry at Tribune de Geneve, Geneve, Switzerland
Poetry and Calligraphy at World Art Friends, Portugal
Poetry at lechasseurabstrait. Publisher, Patric Cintas, RAL,M Revue d’Art, et litterature, Musique, Paris, France
Poetry at Arte Poetica, Salvador
Poetry at Carcinogenic Poetry, Brasil
Poetry at Album Nocturno, Salvador
Poetry at Fernando Sabido Sanchez, Madrid, Spain
Poetry at Anthology Poetas Siglo Veintiuno, Editor, Fernando Sabido Sanchez, Madrid, Spain
Poetry at Cinosargo, Arica, Chille
Articles in www.worldbulletin.com, Istanbul, Turkey
Articles in www.newropeansmagazine.com, Strasbourg, France

Exhibition of Calligraphies in Cairo, Egypt, 2004
Sarajevo 44th Poetry Meeting, Sarajevo 2005
Congress on 600th anniversary of the work of Abdurrahman Ibn Khaldun, Cairo, Egypt, 2006
Meeting for the ethnic minority rights, European Parliament, Bruxelles, 2006
Exhibition of paintings and calligraphies at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Cairo Egypt, 2007
Participation on the Congress on 800th anniversary of a Persian Poet RUMI, organized by
UNESCO/Albania and Saadi Shirazi Foundation, Tirana
Participation at the International conference on Islam and Balkan- Identity and building bridges, Canakkale, Turkey
Participation at 13th International Sheikh Tousi Conference, Qom, Teheran, Mashhad, Iran
Participation at Conference on Regional Cooperation, Kopaonik Serbia

Debates on national KTV, RTK, TV BESA, TV 21
Artists Profile “KULT”, “AVENY” on RTK Public Broadcaster
Interviews for all nation wide Electronic Media and Press

Translated in English, Italian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Roma, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Romanian. Ambassador of Poets to Albania by Poetas del Mundo, Santiago de Chile. Member of World Poets Association. Member of the Publishing and Editing Committee, at the Kosovo Ministry for Culture, Youth and Sport. Member at the Kosovo PEN Center. Executive Director of The Center for promoting Intercultural Dialogue “OXOR”. Works in Administration of Radio Television of Kosova RTK

Fahredin Shehu
Radio Televizioni i Kosoves
Ndërtesa e Radio Kosoves,
Bordi i Drejtorave, kati IV
10 000 Prishtinë, Kosovë

[1] Arabic for wisdom, we disregard language we are concentrated on substance on quint essence
[2] Greek for wisdom…

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